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  • Marta Ķepīte

Music Talks Tonight

Oasis have a song called “Talk Tonight”. It was one of the first songs that Noel Gallagher sang by himself, letting people know that both Gallagher brothers have amazing voices. But that’s not the reason, why that song is so special. It was the song Noel wrote after the first huge fight with his brother.

The story goes, that after one of the band’s shows that went really badly, Noel had had enough of the industry, the band and his brother. They were touring in America at the time and he just went across the country to get away from it all. He ended up staying with a girl, whose name he didn’t even know and couldn’t remember later on, but they talked, listened to music, went to a park to clear his head, and eventually she talked him into going back to his band and keep the Oasis going. This time, he did, but he also wrote a song about those talks and it was “Talk Tonight”.

Julie thought it was a beautiful story. It made her sad and happy at the same time. She wanted to have someone who would talk to her at nights. Instead she only had her trustworthy Brain FM, and ever since Sam had appeared on it, she was looking for ways to shut it up.

Julie slept in her bed and listened to Noel singing about a girl, who “saved his life”. It probably was Julie’s favourite song on her “TUNES” playlist. She had read stories about this song, listened to interviews with Noel speaking about it, and, although it seemed like a true love story, she had one big problem with it: why didn’t he look for her later?

If you listen to any of his interviews, where he talks about this song, he claims that he still doesn’t know her name and that he was trying to look for her not long after he reunited with Oasis after their first “break-up”, but he couldn’t.

But you knew where she lived! Julie thought. Just go back there, knock on her door, ask her name, say thank you for everything she did and then marry that girl. For fuck’s sake, relationships shouldn’t be so complicated!

But then again, what did Julie know about relationships, and, more honestly, didn’t the song perfectly describe her own love life in the end?

Guys come in her life without even noticing her, most of them not knowing her name. She just always sort of admires them from a safe distance, and if she tries to get closer, they talk to her for a while and then leave, never coming back again. Only years later she hears that there’s a guy talking about her, saying how he once had this amazing conversation with this girl he can’t remember.

Noel finished his song and a voice, accompanied by cheers of a crowd, said: “Martha, it’s only love.” It was Brian Adams starting his song “It’s Only Love” in one of the live versions of the song, recorded at Bare Bones. Julie didn’t know who this Martha was that Brian talked about, but she imagined, that if her name would be Martha and she would listen to this song, she would most likely always respond with: “Fuck you, Brian!”

What did Brian Adams really know about love? How can you say “only love” as if it was something so simple and casual as brushing your teeth or making a morning coffee? If love really would be like coffee, it would be like the cup of coffee on a sunny morning made by someone who cares about you. It’s fair to say, that every person can make coffee for themselves that they will definitely like, but it will always taste better, if that other person made it. And the reason for that is as simple and easy as saying “only love”, because it’s made with nothing BUT love. But since Julie didn’t have anyone who makes her coffees for her, she just drank the black, bitter bean water and thought: “Fuck you, Brian, you have it easy!”

Her hand reached out for her phone and the game of “Shuffling until I find that one specific song” had started.

The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy”? – Only a lonely girl here.

The Verve’s “Love Is Noise”? – To me it pretty much sounds like silence.

Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”? – I’m trying to, you’re not letting me!

Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”? – Said no one ever.

The Rolling Stones’ “This Place Is Empty”? – Said Mick Jagger walking into my heart.

Ron Gallo’s “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me”? – You and everyone else probably.

The Clash’s “Straight To Hell”? – Is where I’ll be going after I die.

Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”? – Is the thing I’m riding.

Counting Crows’ “Accidentally In Love”? – The story of my fucking life.

Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me”? – The story of my life, vol. 2.

Stereophonics’ “I Wanna Get Lost With You” – No… Actually, you know what? This can stay.

You were running around in my brain,

Then you sent me a message,

It said…

I wanna get lost with you,

It’s the only thing I wanna do,

Get out of my mind with you,

So come on over.

The acoustic version of this song is so beautiful, every time Julie heard it, she promised herself to learn it on the guitar. She didn’t know how to play the guitar, but nine years of musical education should give her some leverage, surely. She was also determined to learn Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, because she wanted to live up to the meme, that read: “There’s always that one wanker at a party: Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

Without giving it any thought, Julie started crying. She didn’t really understand why, but sometimes her tears just had their own way of being. Maybe it wasn’t just one thing that got to her. Maybe it was one of those times when a lot of things just had piled up and finally caused her to burst.

She was thinking of Sam, her mother, how she missed her Czech friends; how she felt like she wasn’t doing enough with her life, how her colleague had called her boring – he was just kidding around, but what he didn’t know was that he was actually right about it; and a part of her also cried, because Noel Gallagher never went back to the nameless girl, who made him go back to his brother and bandmates and keep going till Oasis became one of the most iconic rock bands in the music history. She cried because Noel Gallagher didn’t care or try hard enough to reunite with this girl, and somehow it felt, like, all her life she had only talked to bunch of Noel Gallaghers.

There's always that one wanker at a party.

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